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George Cole CSPCA Executive Director

Welcome to the CSPCA web  site. I am George Cole the CSPCA Executive Director and the web master.  If there is something that you think would enhance the site, or incorrect, please contact me on or  (760) 617-4297.

Thank you

The Merit System




 “The Merit System of making appointments is in its essence as democratic and American as the common school system itself”


Theodore Roosevelt U.S. Civil Service Commission and 26th President of the United States.








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Executive Director:   George H. Cole
Board President:   Toni Wilkerson

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Upcoming Events

Saturday Apr 18 @ 8:00 AM:

Merit Academy

Saturday May 30 @ 8:00 AM:

Merit Academy

Friday Jun 05 @ 8:00 AM:

"Working Together To Support Merit"

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